• Infrared Camera Technology Used in Archaeology

    Technological advancements have transformed many fields and industries. The digital imaging world is no exception. Infrared camera technology enables a non-contact device to perceive infrared energy and translate it into an electronic signal. The electronic signal is then processed to produce a thermal image that can be used in performing temperature calculations. Lately, infrared innovations […]

  • Fashion, PR & Party Photography

    So I was browsing the web in search for nice photography and stumbled over a couple of sites that actually made me interested in party and fashion photography. The site I first found was odd as it seams this PR agency in London, they do loads of blogging and there are interesting stuff like this […]

  • Infrared camera modification for better photo

    Does the way you see the world through a conventional digital camera bore you? Your photography experience could get more invigorating if you found a camera that has a full infrared capacity, you think. What if someone told you that you have what you need already? You can modify your digital camera to get the […]

  • Night shoots with infrared: So much more than just security

    Infrared technology that was created by the military is being used for more creative purposes . Military Infrared sensors have been developed to improve detection of a military vehicle like helicopters and fighter aircraft, but night shoots with infrared have now meant your standard camera, with its infrared blocking filter can bring about some amazing […]

  • Infrared equipment for beginners

    Infrared photography is the registering the luminal specter between 700 and 1200 nanometers of wavelength. They are not visible to the human eye. However, there is some infrared equipment for beginners like the Hoya-R72 infrared filter that can transform your photographs. The price can vary a lot, and it can be found from 19 euros […]

  • Infrared equipment that will make your phtotography unbelievable

    For starting infrared photography consists of registering the range of the light specter with a wavelength between 700-1200 nanometers, which is invisible to the naked eye. So there is some necessary infrared equipment you must have to shoot this kind of picture. The infrared equipment for starting should be an infrared filter such as Hoya-R72, […]

  • How to get started with infrared photography

    How to get started with infrared photography requires making sure your camera can capture IR light, because certain cameras don’t have this function. Infrared photographs are worth it because it provides an awesome way to make unique shots to add to your portfolio. You’ll be able to Transform your city into a dream with infrared […]