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Infrared photography

Welcome to my site on all things infrared photography! Some of you may already be experts, others might just have a passing curiosity. So the first question is: What is infrared (IR) photography? In technical terms this means using infrared sensitive film or, in terms of digital photography, a camera without an infrared filter. Contrary to what we may imagine, human eyesight only allows us to detect a tiny fraction of the full light spectrum. Indeed, other animals have slightly different light sensitivity and and so perceive things in a different way. Infrared light lies off the visible light range. So IR photography allows us to see the world in a way that is real but normally invisible to us. Colours, objects, shapes, and textures can take on a very different appearance when viewed in this way. It allows photographers to create all manner of striking, thought provoking and beautiful images, using a technique that relies on natural light rather than computer generated trickery. In this website I will be exploring the history of IR photography, showcasing some of the best IR photo work that has been produced, and giving practical advice on techniques and equipment to allow you to put this into practice yourself. So whether you are a keen photographer who wants to expand their skills and experiment, or a seasoned IR expert, you will find something interesting and useful here.

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