Fashion, PR & Party Photography

So I was browsing the web in search for nice photography and stumbled over a couple of sites that actually made me interested in party and fashion photography. The site I first found was odd as it seams this PR agency in London, they do loads of blogging and there are interesting stuff like this post with images like:
A super trendy fashion photo shot. What’s interesting from a photographer’s point of view is the fact that it is the type of images that consumers typically like and indulge in.

So I thought that I should start investigating this a bit, there is currently a 40 year anniversary in London and I found this Image on Timeout
Its full of energy, not the best picture, but it sure tell you a story and makes you quite interested in the event and makes you want go there. And that’s what its all about, isn’t it!? Getting you out from you home and in to the action. So action packed images like that is really, really an important part of any photographer’s skill box.

You cant talk fashion without mentioning Elle, can you! Elle UK are excellent and know what YOU want to look at, they basically owns the style that photographers are supposed to compose a fashion shoot.

This is how you do it, trendy imagery, trendy fashion by a trendy sender. Nuf said, this is what I like.

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