Infrared camera modification for better photo

Does the way you see the world through a conventional digital camera bore you? Your photography experience could get more invigorating if you found a camera that has a full infrared capacity, you think. What if someone told you that you have what you need already? You can modify your digital camera to get the infrared capacity that will transform your photography. News of Lockheed Martin developing infrared camera that will launch to the moon is inspiring to photographers. There are two ways that infrared camera modification works. The first one involves replacing the imager with an IR-pass filter. This method requires skilled hands to dismantle the camera and remove the camera’s visible light filter. Precise focus calibration is critical in this infrared camera modification procedure. The infrared filter makes IR photography easier and faster to do. You will probably feel no change when using your camera since the filter is attached over the imager and there’s no viewfinder black-out with DSLR cameras. The other way to produce IR images with a digital camera is attaching an IR-pass filter over the lens. This method is cheaper than the first though it has some shortcomings. If you use a DSLR camera, you attach the infrared filter after composition and focus. This results to a slow and but still helpful way of achieving infrared photography.

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