Infrared equipment that will make your phtotography unbelievable

For starting infrared photography consists of registering the range of the light specter with a wavelength between 700-1200 nanometers, which is invisible to the naked eye. So there is some necessary infrared equipment you must have to shoot this kind of picture. The infrared equipment for starting should be an infrared filter such as Hoya-R72, a tripod, and a camera; most compact cameras are capable of registering infrared light. You can test if your current camera can detect infrared light by pointing your TV remote to the lens, and then checking if the light is visible on the camera screen. So here is How to use your infrared equipment to produce stunning photography. From the hardware side just mount the camera on the tripod and attach the filter. Then you should be very selective in what you wish to shoot; a lot of vegetation and very green images, or a lot of water and sky will look amazing with the infrared filter. Also find contrasting colors, the real secret of infrared photography is finding an excellent composition.

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