Night shoots with infrared: So much more than just security

Infrared technology that was created by the military is being used for more creative purposes . Military Infrared sensors have been developed to improve detection of a military vehicle like helicopters and fighter aircraft, but night shoots with infrared have now meant your standard camera, with its infrared blocking filter can bring about some amazing images. Infrared photography makes use of films or sensors which have infrared light sensitivity, and this is what brings about those false colours in a picture, which is a sought after special effect today. An important application of infrared photography is being able to take pictures in complete darkness. Night shoots with infrared have offered the photographer a whole lot of different effects in photographs. Shots with infrared can sometimes look strange, but a smart photographer knows how to make subtle use of black-and-white infrared-sensitive film. So clever are they that night shoot with infrared are regarded as fine art and you can see it now in galleries worldwide.

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