Did You Use Your Infrared Camera For Ghost Hunting This Halloween?

Infrared camera for ghost hunting has been a favourite pastime during the Halloween. The use of an infrared camera for ghost hunting has become popular after it was portrayed in the reality show Ghost Hunters. So, is it true that ghosts can be spotted by using http://www.lifehacker.co.uk/2016/10/27/spot-ghosts-with-a-raspberry-pi-powered-ghost-camera>ghost camera using PiNoir infrared camera module? Well, the truth is quite different from the belief. How can one explain the images that are captured by the infrared cameras? One can positively get excited by the proposition that you have taken a picture of a ghost. But the false reading of the infrared technology is responsible for this myth taking root. And on top of that, a TV series confirms it by using Pseudoscience the ghostly aura seen in most of the ghost pictures is due to electromagnetic waves moving. The human eye can see only a fraction of the electromagnetic waves in the world we live. Also, heat from a source can remain in that place long after the body is moved from that place. The ghost pictures that are popularised are due to the fact that infrared camera uses electromagnetic waves and heat to makes images which is not a foolproof technology. The ghost picture that you may see might be a real person who had been there a few minutes back. That is a simple explanation of the ghost images captured by the infrared camera.

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